System Requirements for Campbell's Operative Orthopaedics CD

This CD will run on both PCs and Macs:

Mac System Installation instructions

If you have enabled CD-ROM autoplay on your system (see below) then the CD will run automatically when inserted into your CD drive. If you have not enabled autoplay, click on the CD icon that appears on your desktop, then click on 'Canale' to open the application. To enable the CD to autorun select Control Panels from the Apple menu on your desktop. Select QuickTime Settings, and then select Autoplay. Click the Enable CD-ROM Autoplay checkbox, and then save the settings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  1. Do I need to have an Internet connection to run this program? No. The program is designed to run entirely from the CD, independent of the Internet. However, the disk does contain some links to material on the Internet (such as Medline abstracts) and to view this material you will require an Internet connection.
  2. When I launch the application, I get messages after Netscape starts, what do I do? TCP/IP is required to run any browser-based application. TCP/IP is included with Windows 95, 98, and NT. To add TCP/IP in Windows 95/98/NT go to Network in the Control Panel. Click the Add button. Click the protocol option and click Add. Under manufacturers, select Microsoft and under Network Protocols, select TCP/IP and click OK. Click OK again and Windows will start to install TCP/IP. When finished you will have to restart your machine.
    Note: You may need to insert the Windows CD in your CD-ROM drive.
  3. What should I do if, when I launch the application, my ISP starts to dial out? This application is able to run with or without a connection to the Internet. If your ISP starts to dial out, you can cancel this and the program will still run. Many ISPs will automatically dial out when a browser is launched. You may be able to turn this option off in the properties for your ISP.
  4. When opening the CD in Internet Explorer on the Mac my default home page opens, what should I do? When you run the CD in Internet Explorer on the Mac two windows are opened - your default home page and the opening page of the CD. Simply close the window that contains your default home page. We recommend, however, that Mac users view the CD pages in Netscape (see Question 6 below).
  5. Does the CD work with Netscape 6? Although the CD does run on Netscape 6 not all of the functions work properly using this version of the browser. We suggest installing Internet Explorer 5.0 (PC) or the earlier version of Netscape (Mac).
  6. The search function is not working properly - what should I do?
    Mac users: The search facility is not supported by Internet Explorer on the Mac. You should view the pages in Netscape. For the best results you should set Netscape as your default browser. If you do not want to make Netscape your default browser, open Netscape and type "file:///Canale/home.htm" in the Location box.

Simple search

Type your search word in the box and click on "Go". A list of all the Chapters in which the searched word appears is displayed. Click on the link that you want to look at and you will be taken to the relevant chapter. Every occurrence of the searched word is highlighted. Clicking on "Goto Link: found word(s)" at the top of the page will take you to the first occurrence of the searched word on that page. Click on  to go to the next occurrence of the searched word on the same page; click on to go to the previous occurrence.

To search for multiple words, enter the words separated by a space. The results will show only where these words occur together in the same chapter.

Please note that you can only search for words that appear in the text. If your search produces no results try variations of the word (for example, the plural) or synonyms.

Advanced search

The advanced search option provides an A-Z list of searchable terms from the text. Clicking on a letter displays the words beginning with that letter in the list box. You can either type your search word in the search box or select it from the list. Click on the 'Go' button to begin your search. Using the advanced search page you can more clearly define your search using the 'and' (to match on ALL words) and  'or' (to match on ANY word) options. The user can enter two words into the search field separated by a space to search using "And" or "Or". To change your selection from the text box, click on the 'clear' button.

You can also choose to search specific volumes by clicking on the checkboxes or specific chapters by selecting these in the relevant box. To deselect click again in the checkbox.

Search results

Clicking on 'Search results' displays the results of your last search so that you can go back and look in another chapter without repeating the search.


Click on 'Bookmark' to bookmark a chapter.

View Bookmark

Click on 'View Bookmark' to view bookmarked chapters. A window will popup with the bookmarked chapters listed as links. Click on the link to visit a particular chapter. Click on '' to remove the chapter from bookmark.